Fairies (09/21/93)

Fairies make the flowers grow, and fairies make it rain. Fairies make the buggies crawl and little birdies sing. Fairies made the universe, they created me and you, from a big old ball of fairy dust and early morning dew. Fairies laugh when listening hear of human philosophy. "An oxymoron" they exclaim, with merry tinkling glee. "Evolution made us as we are", the scientists all exclaim, but fairies know the answer true, 'twas they, its all so plain. Christians claim that "He" on high, was the one who really did it, but fairies know the answer true: tis they that deserve the credit. Exasperation tweaks their lips, as atheists demand some proof. "Prove that it wasn't " the Christians jibe all haughty and aloof. The fairies all laugh and laugh and laugh at hearing this silly din, and pat themselves all on their backs, for creating these funny men. It wasn't God or evolution that made the world we see. But fairies conjured up the earth -- the land, the sky, and sea. The burden of proof lies not on me, who only exclaims what's true, If your not happy with my story, then prove that it isn't true. Lowell Boggs, 09/21/93.